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Address : 11F-1, No. 29 Roosevelt Road, Section 3 Taipei Taipei Taiwan 106
Main Business

All categories - 15 products

Bathroom rugs/mats - 1 product

Computer security products - 1 product

Hidden camera & phone tap detectors - 6 products

Luggage alarms - 1 product

Mobile phone novelties - 3 products

Personal alarms - 1 product

Retail security products - 2 products
About Siangsiu Industrial Corp
Siangsiu Industrial Corp. has been specializing in the invention and design of unique security products and household utensils since 1980. Apart from that, we also develop special RF transmitters and receivers for customers on an ODM basis.
New Siangsiu products
Introducing our new patented products, the Fix-a-Button and new anti-slip bath mats. These plus numerous security and household items are available in our extensive product range.

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