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Product Origin : China
Product Category : Fire/smoke detectors & alarms
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Contact Details : Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Code : PW-507S
Product Details


Smoke alarm;

1.9V Battery smoke alarm;

2.High sound 85dB(3m) smoke alarm;

3.Test button;

4.Low battery alarm;


Smoke alarm PW-507S is under BSI approval, and can be calibrated into either UL, VDS, NF Standards. It features UL-approved Photoelectric sensing components with precise smoke detection. and long life (18 months) 9V battery operation (9V UltralifeLithium battery model for 10-year life is available too).


Specifications/Special Features:


1.Works on principle that infrared scatters on smoke surface

2.Probes smoke which is generated by incomplete combustion at initial stage of fire

3.Smoke detector consists of photoelectric system, signal processing identification and alarm circuit

4.Infrared scatters on surface of smoke when smoke enters darkroom of detector

5.Photoelectric diode receives scattered light and generates photoelectric signal current

6.Photoelectric signal generates alarm signal after being processed by identification circuit, accordingly purpose of alarming is achieved


Smoke alarm specifications:

1.Power supply: 9V DC Block battery/PP3

2.Quiescent current: 8μA

3.Alarm current:16mA

4.Alarm decibel: 85dB/3m

5.Sensitivity standard: EN14604

6.Age limit of battery: 2 to 10 years(It varies with different types of battery)

7.Temperature: -10 to +40 degrees Celsius

8.Low battery Alarm

9.High and stable sensitivity

10.5 years guarantee


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